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Introduction: juggling , as well as fun time and recreation, it may prove to be a valuable tool for the realization of social activities, integration between different people and subjects, and a useful tool for groups and individual analysis.
Aims of the project: in addition to teach the techniques of movement, choreography and juggling, particular attention will be given to body postures, in order to promote better development of inner balance, coordination and physicality, to achieve a considerable psychological benefit.
Covered Topics: 3, 4, 5 balls and clubs; 1, 2 diabolos, devil sticks, unicycling, slacklining, balance, acrobatics, and how to make your own juggling props.
Teaching method: coordination exercises, techniques and basic routine of juggling, diversified by age, whether children or adults.
Duration: there are 10 meetings lasting two hours weekly over a period to be determined.
Minimum number of participants: 10